045ca65For four years, Ruzbeh Bacha worked at Skype in finance and strategy roles. In 2013, Bacha parted ways with Skype, learnt how to code, and created CityFALCON.

CityFALCON is a free service that provides low-latency financial information to users. Bacha believes that every investor not only deserves this kind of information, but needs it to be successful. Services like this have existed for quite some time, but are typically expensive, and virtually shut average people out of investing. Plus, CityFALCON allows users to customise their news feed by stocks they are interested, allowing each individual investor to have a unique timeline specially designed for them.

Since its launch CityFALCON has improved its algorithm, launched a service for people new to investing, and started to hold fortnightly meet-up in London – the London Value Investing Club.


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