Martin VilligMartin Villig joined Skype when it was only a start-up preparing for a huge growth. Seeing how hard it can be to develop your own idea or a startup company, Martin, Jüri Kaljundi, Ragnar Sass, and Rain Rannu co-founded Garage48.

Garage48 is a non-profit organization, an early stage startup boot-camp and hackathon style event series to promote entrepreneurship and startup culture, to build new web and mobile services/prototypes in just 48 hours in Estonia and Northern Europe. How does it work? You pitch your ideas on a stage at Garage48 at 5pm on a Friday evening, you put it on the wall, and wait for people to become interested in your start-up idea. If you succeed, you will find a team to help you create a live-demo project or prototype. They have the jury and audience to vote for their favourites and choose the winners.


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