Elspeth BriscoeElspeth Briscoe worked as Head of Integration and Strategy Director in Skype. In 2009 she felt that she wants to give something more to this world. Elspeth with Duncan Heather founded MyOnlineSchool for people to learn more about Gardening, Photography and Antiques.

MyPhotoSchool is growing online community offering interactive digital photography courses from the world’s top photographers. It’s aim is to help you unlock your ‘hidden creativity’ during 4 week courses with world leading photographers. MyGardenSchool is the world’s first certificated virtual gardening school. You can sign up for four week online gardening courses ranging from The Edible Garden, to Garden Design, Beekeeping, to Building Your Own Treehouse. It offers a high quality range of gardening courses taught by some of the world’s top tutors.


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